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Janice have purchased a home in Creston they will sell the following excess items at public auction. Cash or good check with photo ID if unknown by the auction crew. And please consider placing an ad on the auction page. Got laser or 3D printing capability? I grew up building cottages with my father and was also very inspired by my building trades instructor Mr. These two gave me the big inspiration to keep working with wood and to teach. He started his business Tanglewood Carvings in 2005, designing and building one-of-a-kind furniture and sculpture.

New to CNC equipment, TJ took to the technology instantly and is a huge fan of its potential in classrooms. This has led TJ to design and build projects that teachers, students — or anyone else with the interest — can make themselves with inexpensive supplies. TJ is now in charge of the company’s training programs and technical video production. Along the way they’ll be absorbing the principles of STEM and other subjects that you want to teach. They’re road-tested by educators like you, ready for use with your students. Arch Bridge Overview: This bridge is a completely self-supporting bridge that holds together without any use of screws or fasteners.

This concept dates back to the 1400’s and is a great way to teach history with engineering in mind. Finishing: Either a clear coat or a painted surface makes this project look great. Materials: Any type of hardwood or softwood that you have laying around the shop. It also has a thin coating so it does not interfere with the puzzle sliding together. Overview: Make a unique candy dish with all the scraps that you have laying around your shop. Find a few different types of wood and rip them into strips, glue them together and cut the candy dish out. Materials: Try to find woods with different color accents.

Stay away from exotic woods that contain harmful oils. Finishing: A food grade finish will be appropriate for sealing these boards. Local hardware stores carry these types of finishes. Overview: Create a simple 6 pack of coasters and a coaster coral from minimal shop materials. Keep your favorite drink from leaving circles on the coffee table.

Materials: For this example red oak was used for the wood and a vinyl floor tile for the coaster circles. Overview: Cut a panda bear or a duck puzzle to create hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. The files for these jig saw puzzles allow the user to cut both projects at once using two different types of wood. There are also a set of individual files to cut only one at a time.