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The eighth millennium of the Gregorian calendar will begin on January 1, 7001, and end on December 31, 8000. All these dates are in a uniform time scale such as Terrestrial Time. When converted to our ordinary solar time or Universal Time, which is decidedly non-uniform, III millennium PDF ΔT, the dates would be about one day earlier. 7016 October 3: Mean solar time and atomic time will be one day apart.

7152 September 11: Mars occults Regulus. 7200: The Gregorian calendar is one day out of step with the vernal equinox. 7256 October 12: Mercury occults Regulus. 7276 September 19: Venus occults Regulus.

7278 September 15: Mars occults Regulus. 7321 December 21: Venus occults Regulus. 7404 September 20: Mars occults Regulus. 7541 February 14: Jupiter occults Saturn. 7541 June 18: Jupiter occults Saturn.

7565 October 17: Mercury occults Regulus. 7800: Plutoid 90377 Sedna will pass its aphelion in the decades around the year 7800. 7874 October 22: Mercury occults Regulus. 7603, Anno 7603 comedy play takes place. The events of Part 3 of Seveneves occur approximately 5000 years after the early-21st-century destruction of the Moon and subsequent destruction of all life on Earth by bolide bombardment. The song « In the Year 2525 » by Zager and Evans predicts that by the year 7510, God will have already commenced Judgement Day, or will soon.

Solex – Dates of occultations of Saturn by Jupiter, from Earth It will be the first time of this type of occultation since Prehistoric times. Alive III is a live album released by the American hard rock band Kiss in 1993. It was certified gold in 1994. It is the third installment of the Alive series.

It was the first live album the band had released since 1977’s Alive II, and the first live recordings released since 1984’s Animalize Live Uncensored concert film. The album is the only live Kiss album released during the group’s non-makeup era, excluding Kiss Unplugged, released later in 1996. During the recording of Alive II, Kiss did not want to duplicate songs from Alive! Alive III are duplicate songs from their previous live albums. 1993, as well as bands that the then-current and former members of Kiss were in. It was designed by the band’s Japanese fan club. Alive III was certified Gold by the RIAA on October 27, 1994.

Canny power pop given a merciless headbanging, » decided Jeremy Clarke in Q. Alive III eleventh best album of 1993. Bruce Kulick’s climactic version of « The Star Spangled Banner » was ranked seventh on the Ultimate Classic Rock list Top 10 National Anthem Guitar Solos, before Ace Frehley’s version and after Joe Satriani’s. Take It Off » was a bonus track on the Japanese, European and South American CD releases and the US vinyl release. This version of the album would later be included in the Kiss Alive! If necessary, click Advanced, then click Format, then select Album, then click SEARCH.